Porosity Variation of the Major Rock Types

Normally, Rocks are categorized under the three major types, such as; Igneous rocks, Sedimentary rocks and Metamorphic rocks according to the origin. Igneous rocks: Igneous rocks are formed by the molten rocks which called as magma within the Earth interior and the Lava on the Earth surface. The rock texture is decided by the cooling […]


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Water bearing Formations

Any geological structure/formation/strata which contains water is called as a Water bearing formation. Typically, water bearing formations are named as Aquifers in geology. Those structures have capacity to absorb or transmit water, and generally formed as soil or rock formations. Most of the aquifers are highly porous and permeable. Thus, those structures are mainly taken


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Origin of Groundwater

Origin of Groundwater Groundwater is the water which established in the geological formations (Fractures, Fissures, Pore Spaces) in the underground. Those groundwater bearing formations are called as Aquifers in Geology. However, groundwater copies the surface topography; Mostly groundwater flows from high pressure to low pressure (pressure gradients) fracture paths. Generally, groundwater of the world is


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