Characteristics of Chronic Renal Failures in Giradurukotte Sri Lanka

Nayanamali M.A.A.1*, Hettiarachchi T.W.2, Gunarathne L.3, Elladeniya N.1,

Sonnadara T.1, Liyadipitiya M.3, Nanayakkara N.1

1Nephrology and Transplant Unit, National Hospital, Kandy

2Department of Pathology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Peradeniya

3Renal Unit, Provincial Hospital, Giradurukotte

*[email protected]


Introduction: Prevalence of Chronic kidney disease (CKD) depends on the abundance of risk factors in a community. Hence, Diabetic nephropathy, hypertensive renal diseases and vascular CKDs are common in the elderly population and immunological renal diseases are common in young people. There are some CKDs only localized to certain geographical areas such as CKD of unknown etiology (CKDu). This study aimed to compare the age and gender-specific prevalence of CKDu with other forms of CKD and to identify the characteristics of chronic kidney diseases reported in Giradurukotte, Sri Lanka.

Methodology: This retrospective descriptive study was conducted on 1321 patients reported to Giradurukotte Divisional Hospital during the period between 2014- 2019. Data were extracted from the clinic registry using total purposive sampling technique. Data were analyzed using SPSS statistical software.

Results: Majority of the patients (n=937, 70.9%) had been diagnosed with CKDu while the rest had CKD (n=384, 29. 1%). 39.9% of the CKD patients had hypertension (HTN) as a causative factor while 17.5% had Diabetic Mellitus (DM) and 12.4% had both DM and HTN. CKD patients were significantly older than patients with CKDu (p< 0.05) with the mean age of 58.0 (± 12.71) in CKD and 55.19 (±11.92) in CKDu. Mainstream was males (n=965, 73.05%). Male gender accounted for 77.3% (n=728) in CKDu and in CKD it was 61.7% (n=237). Proportion of farmers was significantly higher (p< 0.05) in CKDu (60%) than CKD (43.5%).

Conclusion: Male farmers at working age were at high risk of acquiring CKDu than CKD in Giradurukotte.


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