Fernando,W.B.N.T1., Hettiarachchi, T.W1., Hemage,R1., Badurdeen, M.Z1., Nanayakkara, N2*

1Centre for Education, Research and Training on Kidney Diseases (CERTKiD), Faculty of Medicine, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka

2Transplant and Dialysis Unit, Teaching Hospital, Kandy, Sri Lanka



Chronic Kidney Disease due to unknown etiology (CKD-u) is a deadly disease. Its prevalence has been described in several countries in North Central America, India & SriLanka. CKD-u is most pronounced North Central region in SriLanka. CKD-u is, slowly progressive, irreversible and asymptomatic until late stages and is not attributable to hypertension, diabetes or other known etiologies. Current management of CKD-u is based on the evidence obtained from general management of CKD as there is a limitation of clinical data on this specific clinical syndrome. Available limited evidence and extrapolated evidence from other diseases with similar pathological involvement like, Chinese herb nephropathy, analgesic nephropathy, Balken nephropathy suggest that mainstays of management of CKD are not always applicable to tubular interstitial diseases. In this background, it is highly important to identify exact natural history, complications and possible therapeutic interventions for better patient care. There are various models to investigate those aspects of a disease and we feel that description of biomarker profiles at various stages of this unknown disease will be a vital step.

The present study focused to conduct a literature search to identify available biomarkers which could represent various unknown Pathophysiological mechanisms of CKD-u.

Studies were identified through a systematic search of Pubmed and other websites using key terms: biomarkers, chronic kidney disease and papers were scrutinized for additional references. According to articles such as Kidney International, Diabetes Care, Nature Reviews Nephrology etc. routine & novel biomarkers were categorized according to their renal relevance for the CKD-u.

 This study reviews a most relevant biomarker profile for CKD-u in SriLanka.

Financial assistance from National Research Council Sri Lanka (Grant No TO 14-05 ) is acknowledged.


Keywords: Biomarker Profile, CKD-u, Proteinuria



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