Gaming addiction and the Young Generation

Video game addiction is just as harmful an addiction as any other. It is defined in the 11th Revision of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11) as a pattern of gaming behavior (Digital-gaming or Video-gaming) characterized by impaired control over gaming, and prioritizing gaming over other activities. Individuals even suffer from withdrawal syndrome if they are away from their consoles or systems for too long periods of time. Addicts play video games for hours at a time without taking a break except for something necessary.

Most video games rely on the player returning to beat the next high score or make the next discovery for open-world games. For those who are a part of gaming communities, it is all about beating the other team together and gaining more resources in the game to advance. This is especially true for role-playing games where the player can customize their character and interact with others. So once they start playing there is no going back.

It is observed that people who are highly inclined towards video games develop some strange behavior problems in their personalities. While playing those games they feel happy but unconsciously they start showing extreme behavior. It can lead to poor eyesight, carpal tunnel syndrome, and pain and aches due to bad posture. Also, it can cause migraines and, nerve damage in extreme cases. Not moving around can lead to obesity, cardiovascular disease, and postural problems over the years. Also, this can be linked with anxiety, depression, sleeping disorders, and stress. Anger in players can also cause strokes. The most dangerous thing is that the young generation is the most addicted to this kind of game. So they struggle to balance their school work, education, friends, their own health, and family. They are isolated from their society. This has become a big concern for their parents as well as the modern world as the younger generation does not have any contribution to the world. An unfortunate consequence of this trend is the disruption of the user’s lifestyle. This madness definitely shows its impact on the future of our young generation.

So we have to change this because our young generation is addicted to this and ruining their lives unknowingly. First, they need to understand that video games are only for entertainment when they need a break from their normal work. This can be done by their parents, who can control their children’s video games and try to involve them in outdoor activities as much as possible. They can supervise their child closely and reduce the time spent on video games. In my opinion, Fresh air makes us feel better than being stuck in a room with a computer. Trying to spend time with their family and friends is another way to overcome their addiction to video games. If the situation is bad, they definitely need medical advice to get rid of this challenge. Video gaming is fine when we want some relief from our stress, but to become addicted to it is like destroying our own life by our own will.


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