Science saving the mankind

Science to save the world

We believe that science is just a combination of different sources of knowledge. However, more than that, science is a strategy that has been introduced to the world by intrinsically motivated people around the globe through their thousands of sleepless nights, hardships, pain, and dedication. The driving force behind them is none other than but their burning desire to serve humankind in broader terms, the world or the entire universe Science does not contribute to one nation or a religion. It does not belong to a specific race or ethnicity, but science’s findings serve every corner of the world despite race or religion.

Nowadays, our life expectancy has increased than ever before with the blessings of medical and other scientific advancements.  It gives hope to live for so many people around the world with various disabilities and anomalies. Vaccines could protect the world against the dark shadow of severe infectious disease pandemics like Covid-19. Considering the present-day situation, we can only keep up our social interactions with protective measures invented by science like protective masks, sanitizers, and social distancing measures. So, turn back and think! Without science, where we will be? There are currently millions of lab trials carried out to develop a vaccine to eradicate this disaster. Once we have controlled this, we will remember those great scientists. However, unfortunately, this generation is not aware of the critical time people spent with smallpox, malaria, leprosy, etc… Because scientists have found cures for those illnesses, most of the global population is safe by now.

Physics and electronic sciences have directed us to the cyber generation. Now we have access to any knowledge within seconds. Not only that, any solution for the matters of daily living can be found on the palm by one touch. Because of the advancement of these sciences, I can share my thoughts with you in this article. Agriculture and biology have provided us different kinds of crops and value-added foods, resulting in a revolution. Many scientists are working hard to eradicate hunger through their new inventions to protect living beings on earth. Predictions of natural sciences forecast upcoming threats and help the global community prepare for future natural disasters.

Unintentionally science has allowed people to network and share their ideas and views, which will lead us to make a better world. Social media and their features connect us in a limitless manner to be loved by everyone with unity and harmony, leading to spiritual growth. But the way we use it and how it has impacted negatively belongs to our self-discipline.

Some aspects of science can give worse outcomes. But it depends on the way we use it. We all know how the World Wars destroyed living beings. But it is not because of science. It is because of the mindsets of the people and their intentions who used it. Science is the vehicle, but the driver should turn it into the right pathway or take a U-turn. But the risk is remaining. If you want to use science as a weapon to satisfy your ego, it will end up causing a disaster. But great scientists always work for the betterment of humanity to bring them a step forward. None other belief, philosophy, or political views could save the world than what science did in the past decades.

If we are not satisfied with the current resources or benefits, then the scientific method guides us to another perspective. We can perform repeated experiments until it becomes a universal law. When people come up with better ideas, they can share what they have learned with their desire with the world to satisfy their hunger for knowledge. People can do a massive job to change misleading myths by fulfilling previous knowledge gaps to offer a productive life for everyone.

There are so many diseases with unknown etiologies; there are known diseases with new treatments. Some ecological problems remain with hidden causes. The decision is up to us. Millions and trillions of problems are waiting to be solved by the hard work of the scientific community. So, let’s join hands to bring a breath of life along with relief to the world!


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