Health literacy, knowledge and patient satisfaction among haemodialysis patients attending to Emergency Dialysis Unit, National Hospital, Kandy

APACPH Conference 2020

Hemodialysis (HD) Patients’ non-adherence to therapeutic recommendations and treatment satisfaction was determined by multidimensional factors and it has been recognized as foremost determinant of quality of life of a patient. Thus main purpose of this study was to assess the knowledge and treatment satisfaction of the patients undergoing HD treatment in Emergency Dialysis Unit National Hospital, Kandy. A cross-sectional study was conducted by recruiting 100 registered HD patients. A pre-tested, self-administered questionnaire was in co-operated to collect the data from the patients. The majority of study sample was male (n=73, 73%) and age ranged from 19- 83 years (Mean age 46±13.53). Adequate knowledge regarding kidney disease was reported by the 91% (n=91) of the study participants. Majority of the patients (n=92) 92%) had knowledge about the HD treatments and 92% of the patients had enough knowledge on peritoneal dialysis. However adequate number of patients (n=21, 21%) reported lack of knowledge on certain aspects such as antihypertensive drug usage, kidney transplantation and etc. Patient satisfaction was assessed for various health care services offered during the HD treatment. A high satisfaction was expressed by the majority of HD patients (n=87, 87%) towards disease oriented health education during the HD treatment period. Further, all of the participants preferred nursing professionals’ co-operation and 50% of patients (n=50) have felt confide regarding nurses concern about their health issues. Hence, health professionals should prepare effective health care plans on the aspects where the patients showed lack of knowledge to improve satisfaction while maintaining therapeutic relationship.

Key words : Haemodialysis, Knowledge, Satisfaction


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