System or the People?

Nowadays, Sri Lanka is facing a major economic crisis. Some blame the current government and the politicians for their corruption and foolish decisions as the reason behind this disaster. On the other hand, most Sri Lankans see the corrupted governing body system as the culprit for this economic collapse and expect a significant change in the system. This article explores the author’s opinion on the matter.

The people make a system of ethics, disciplines, and attitudes of a country to the development of that country. An example of such a system is Finland’s education system, in which no standardized tests, no competition among students, and priority to the basics like features are present. Building a system that can yield favorable outcomes takes time and a wholehearted effort from all the current citizens; neither the government nor politicians are only responsible for making such a system. A standalone written system cannot function without people adhering to it. It takes time and effort to create a lasting systematic change and for people to get used to it. So that step-by-step method of making changes should be obeyed. First of all, simple yet effective changes should be made, and give time for people to adapt to the changes. Small steps toward success can be more effective in the long run than big ones.

Systematic changes should create a better moral code, attitudes, and mindset of people to achieve a status of a developed country. Sri Lankans themselves appoint the same set of corrupted politicians in elections expecting them to build a country without corruption. So how can the people not be blamed for their actions? The people should be responsible for creating a substantial significant systematic change without focusing on personal gain. Individuals with great character, a clean slate for corruption, an attitude towards the betterment of the country, a creative mindset, and solutions for the current problems should be appointed to represent the people as parliamentarians. Those people should be available to choose; otherwise, how can voters choose such individuals from a set of corrupted politicians?

“It is time to stop blaming each other and to build upon past mistakes.”

“Government of people, for the people, by the people”- Abraham Lincoln


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