In research, is equality true?

Nowadays, society places a high value on gender equality, opposing prejudice based on skin color or ethnicity and discrimination against the poor. These aspects have been reduced to a bare minimum, yet they still remain in sufficient amounts to jeopardize the future of science and technology. The focus of this article is on how these factors affect research.

Several steps are involved in researching, developing a protocol, or innovations, such as conducting a literature review, developing a methodology, conducting the research, interpreting the findings or developing a trial/pilot program, writing a research paper, publishing the research, and so on. A significant amount of money is spent on one or more of these steps. Due to a lack of money, research, or an innovation that has the potential to contribute to the advancement of scientific knowledge significantly can be halted from the start. A talented researcher may be concealed from society because they lack the funds to see their idea through to completion and have it published in a reputable publication. The research community should be established in such a way that equal chances for research are provided solely on the basis of merit.

A scientist may face criticism or discrimination due to their gender, lack of light skin tone, or lack of previous recognition in the scientific community. Every individual in our society has the same right to be treated properly, earn a fair appraisal and appreciation purely on their merits. Some of the well-acknowledged researchers concentrate exclusively on continuously confirming their theory without even considering the viewpoints of others, which might lead to a biased conclusion.

Giving equal chances for researchers globally generates diversity and competitiveness among peers, leading to great scientific research and robust cooperation of researchers for attaining a shared aim and the advancement of distinctive characteristics of science and innovation.

~ Hoping for a fair and equitable scientific society, where every eager underprivileged youngster from a non-developed nation receives respect from the scientific community ~




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